Kick Your Company Picnic Up A Notch With A Fully-loaded Mobile Video Game Theater Party with Out of Control Gaming


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The business world is changing and so is technology. Technology is bringing out new trends in entertainment for corporate and business events. With this in mind, business owners and leaders are starting to understand the importance of giving back to their employees. Sometimes it is in the form of yearly bonuses for meeting specific incentives, other times it is holiday parties with gifts, dinner, and drinks. Did we mention that times were finally starting to change? We would like to introduce to you the fully-loaded, entertainment guru of tomorrow, Out of Control Gaming.

What Is Out of Control Gaming?

We are a mobile video game theater within a 32-foot trailer that has been decked out with all of the latest tech. We are climate controlled, so regardless of the time of year, the people inside are comfortable. With more than a half a dozen large flat screen TV systems in the interior of the trailer alone, there is ample room for everyone to have fun and be entertained.

How You Can Incorporate Out of Control Gaming into Your Company Picnic?

When you think of a company picnic, you think of getting together with your employees and their families while having a good time. Years ago, it normally consisted of a couple of sack races, a softball game and some overcooked hot dogs on a grill. Kids would complain that they were bored and some of the adults would get a bit too competitive with the activities.
Adding Out of Control Gaming to your company picnic gives you the ability to cater to everyone. You can have the children who do not want to do the sack race or softball game inside the trailer playing games. The spouses of your employees who don’t participate in the events can play as well.

A mobile video game theater is a great way to give everyone what they want, without spending a fortune. You figure the average gaming truck is about $399 dollars for the first 2 hours or so and about $100 for each extra hour. So, you figure about $699 for 5 hours of entertainment that caters to everyone in your company, and their families. How can you go wrong with that?